This is intended as a supplement to the information provided on my resume and goes into more depth about some of my jobs.

engineering intern logoEngineering Intern - Fusion-io

Fusion-io is a relatively new tech venture. The company designs and produces solid state hard drives specifically for servers and other high performance applications. Officially, my position was in Hardware Quality Assurance in the hardware lab although in a startup titles don't mean much. To say the job was fun and an amazing experience would be an understatement. Every day typically brought a new challenge and new problems. While the work was very challenging it was extremely rewarding. During my time at Fusion-io I quickly came to understand how important a solid business understanding can be in industry. This caused me to realize I wanted to understand more about business and led to my pursuit of a MBA.

Marriott Library logoSecurity - University of Utah

Earlier in my undergraduate degree I worked on campus as Security for the Marriott Library. The position gave me a large wealth of experience in human interaction and confrontation that would have taken years for me to accrue through other means. Shortly after starting, I was able to supervise weekend operations, and plan security's role with other departments. Humorous security stories are available upon request.

Web Designer - various organizations

While I worked as Security, I also had a side business consisting of designing websites for various organizations. I designed websites for a large variety of individuals, clubs, and organizations, and would then transfer control. Wasatch Presbyterian Church however, was interested in having me provide continued service to add new content and make changes as needed. This was a rewarding position because the church did not have a functional website before my assistance and I was able to transform their website into a resource and tool instead from a hassle. The skills I learned through designing various websites and interacting with multiple clients have continued to serve me well.

graphic artist logoGraphic Artist - Ridgeline

Ridgeline is a small graphic arts company based in Salt Lake City. They specialize in print media and work with numerous large companies such as Sig Sauer, Cottonwood Capital, Nelson Laboratories, and Springfield Armory. Ridgeline has also performed countless works for local companies, the Salt Lake City Mayor's Office, and the Salt Lake City Arts Council. While I have always wanted to be an engineer I have also had a strong interest in the Graphic Arts as well. During my time at Ridgeline I got to interact with numerous clients and help transform their ideas into reality. I also was able to refine my graphic arts abilities during the duration of the position which I have found countless uses for since the position.